COVID-19: The Politics

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Re: COVID-19: The Politics

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MickEdge wrote: 12 Feb 2022 16:03 Rory Stewart’s tweet echoes Max Hastings recent Times article (Tuesday’s, if you can get behind the paywall). Of the successors of deposed PMs only MacMillan comes out reasonably well, he says. Who remembers “You’ve never had it so good”? They all inherited a bleak situation, had a torrid time, aren’t judged kindly by many now and most lost the next election. That won’t put many off, though. It seems it will be either Rishi or Liz, given the rest of the pack are some way behind. Both are surely an improvement, but as Hastings says will the new leader be capable of bringing together what he calls the Internationalists and the English Nationalists in the Tory party. Good luck with that. And where is Alok Sharma these days? Flying around trying to ensure that some countries do actually implement COP26.
Alok was in his constituency on Saturday. I know. I saw him on Westwood Road in Tilehurst around 1pm.
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Re: COVID-19: The Politics

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Was he doing anything criminal ? 😉
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Re: COVID-19: The Politics

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In the meantime, in Canada, Trudeau has invoked the Emergencies Act, in response to the ongoing protests by the truckers. On the basis the Act is ostensibly designed to be rolled out when the territorial integrity of the country is under threat, I can entirely see where he's coming from.

'Let's Go Brandon'
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Re: COVID-19: The Politics

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so can I with the firearms that were seized, including body armour
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Re: COVID-19: The Politics

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Frank Blank wrote: 15 Feb 2022 23:44 "On the basis the Act is ostensibly designed to be rolled out when the territorial integrity of the country is under threat"
Er... no it isn't. There's no mention of territorial integrity at all. The definition of a 'public order emergency', which is what has been declared, is:
(a) espionage or sabotage that is against Canada or is detrimental to the interests of Canada or activities directed toward or in support of such espionage or sabotage,

(b) foreign influenced activities within or relating to Canada that are detrimental to the interests of Canada and are clandestine or deceptive or involve a threat to any person,

(c) activities within or relating to Canada directed toward or in support of the threat or use of acts of serious violence against persons or property for the purpose of achieving a political, religious or ideological objective within Canada or a foreign state, and

(d) activities directed toward undermining by covert unlawful acts, or directed toward or intended ultimately to lead to the destruction or overthrow by violence of, the constitutionally established system of government in Canada,

but does not include lawful advocacy, protest or dissent, unless carried on in conjunction with any of the activities referred to in paragraphs (a) to (d).
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Re: COVID-19: The Politics

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This makes for interesting reading. ... n-pandemic
Can't help but think that at least some of the government's "encouragement" for people to 'get back to the office' is because a lot of Tory backers are commercial property owners, and if people keep working from home, all those office buildings lose a lot of value.
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Re: COVID-19: The Politics

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Interesting it is, Poo. We may not live in Russia, yet this article shows that the view peddled by the Government and most large media news has largely obscured the impact Omicron is having. Yet most people seem to think it’s over, because out and about people aren’t wearing masks, they want to shake my hand (no I’m not a celebrity), social distancing is a thing of the past and it feels if everywhere is normal now. I’ve bought it and I’m ready to party, if I were inclined. There are a few signs that this ignorance is hitting businesses like the airline cancellations, so maybe it’s just the tip of an iceberg. If it is then the Government’s ostrich strategy that they are keeping businesses alive may fail. I just don’t know. It all seems like relying on a wing and a prayer until it goes away, which as the article suggests, it may not. One of the comments at the end of the article by a lady who had been in a coma was harrowing. I guess we all believe it won’t be me, but should we be taking more care and being told to?
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